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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I hire Fuller Administrative Services ?

We provide excellent customer service and competitive pricing.  Your payroll costs are drastically reduced since we are not your employees and do not require office space, equipment, benefits, or other perks.  There is no exclusivity required, so you can have other entities working alongside us simultaneously.  We are available after normal office hours and provide non-traditional services.  We care about your company's reputation, so we engage in strict confidentiality with your proprietary information.  And, we will represent your company in a professional manner when dealing with others on your behalf.  FAS is a small company with big loyalty, so you will never just be another client among the many.  We even offer a 15% new client discount and a referral bonus.  Need more reasons?  Hire us and you'll see for yourself.

2. Will you provide an onsite presence, or just virtual assistance?

While most services are performed virtually, some tasks can be completed at your site of preference, such as event coordination and job fairs.  When services are requested onsite, the project-based package is typically utilized.

3. I have multiple businesses that require assistance, will they all be covered under the same contract?

As long as all businesses are owned and operated by the same entity and are listed on the active contract, services can be performed under the same package.  If these businesses need to be added later, then a separate agreement will be instituted for the additional services.  All contracts are explained in detail and are legally binding.

4. What if I need to add services after purchasing a monthly package?

Not a problem. The services listed on this site are merely a suggestion and can be altered to suit your specific (comparable) needs.  However, if you want to add additional services after your purchase, then you can either choose to add a retainer package for  more hours, or add the next tier-level for a pro-rated fee.  In some instances, the project-based option will work as well.


5. If I pay for a retainer package and I no longer need the remainder of the hours, will I receive a refund for the balance of time?

The free consultation usually prevents the purchase of more hours than needed, but you still have 30 days from the date of purchase to utilize your remaining hours since no refund is issued.  If this is not possible, then we permit a semi-annual transfer to another business that can benefit from your generosity.  

6. Can I end my contract if I am not satisfied with the work performed?

If parties cannot reach an amicable solution, then the contract may be ended.  However, due to the administrative tasks and chargeback fees associated with this change, your refund will be reduced by a fee equivalent to 15% of the remaining balance paid on your monthly contract.  If you are on a weekly payment plan, then no further installments are due, but the aforementioned fee is still owed to FAS, payable within 14 days.


7. What happens to any unused pre-paid services?

At times, you might not need to utilize all services within a package.  If any remain unused, then they will expire at the end of 30 days from the purchase date.

8. If my business is still in the planning stage, will I still be able to call you for help?

Absolutely!  That is why we have multiple packages that can fit any budget or developmental stage.  Start off slowly with a retainer or project-based package, then increase the services as your business grows.


9. Planning weddings and big events is so expensive! Is there anything that you can do to reduce the cost?

Why yes...yes we can!  Social event coordination is one of the more creative assignments that we enjoy receiving.  Although wedding planning is a specialized industry, we can still provide supplemental services that will help reduce the cost of this joyous occasion. 

10. Can I have a free consultation even if I am not ready to purchase a package?

Of course.  We can brainstorm to determine which service will work best for your needs.

Have more questions?  Give us a call.  It's that simple.

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